Bidilla, Inc.’s Global Auction Services provides sensible solutions for Governmental Entities, Banks, and Businesses that seek to utilize auction marketing to achieve the highest dollar for their assets, without the hassles associated with managing and running their own sales.  View our team of specialists as a way to expand your resources without having to hire and manage additional employees.


Our Full-Service Online Auction Solution Includes:

  • Cataloging Items for Sale
  • Photographing Items for Sale
  • Uploading Items to the Online Platform
  • Advertising your online Auctions
  • Answering Inquiries about the Items for Sale
  • Conducting Previews of the Items for Sale
  • Hosting the Online Auction
  • Billing winning Bidders
  • Collecting the appropriate Sales Tax
  • Collecting the Auction Proceeds
  • Providing a Full Accounting of the Auction
  • Facilitating the Pickup of Items by winning Bidders
  • Remitting the Sales Tax to the appropriate Authority
  • Remitting the Proceeds of the Auction to you


Why we choose Proxibid® for our Online Auction Platform:

  • Over 4.4 Billion Dollars in Gross Market Volume
  • Over 1.8 Million Registered Bidders
  • 13,000+ New Registered Bidders Each Month
  • More than 2,000,000 Site Visitors Each Month
  • Hosted over 15,000 Auctions Last Year
  • MarketGuard™ Bank-Quality Risk Assessment
  • International Buyer Vetting
  • Enterprise-Level Infrastructure & Support
  • Customer Support 7 Days a Week 7AM – 10PM
  • Sniper Proof – Bidding Extends for Last Minute Bids
  • Bidders from Across the USA and 190 Countries
  • Industry Low Non-Pay rate of 0.5 percent
  • Auction Payment Network (APN)
  • 24 X 7 Monitoring for Fraudulent Behavior
  • Better Business Bureau “A” Rating


Online Auctions are Ongoing: There is no need to stockpile items to have a live auction event. As items are deemed to be surplus, they can be cataloged, photographed and uploaded for auction. An online auction can have a single item or any number of items.

Buyers can participate from anywhere, anytime and in any weather.

Items can be sold in-place: There is no need to move items multiple times, adding additional costs to the sale and risking damage.                                                    

The bidding process is computerized and transparent: The computer shows no favoritism and bids are shown as they are received.

Expansion of the Market:  Online bidding allows bidders from across the country and around the world to participate in your auctions.

Increased Local Participation: Online bidding allows for an increase in local participation. Those Bidders, who cannot attend an auction at a specific time and location, can participate in an online auction, 24 hours a day,7 days a week, in any weather conditions, until the auction closes.



Cataloging & Photography: Catalog and Photograph your own items, or use our cataloging and photography services to professionally catalog your items.

Credit Cards: Through our platform, we can directly accept and bill charge cards from winning bidders - there is minimal chasing payments. These funds are deposited directly into our escrow account.

Marketing Support: At Global Auction Services, your auction success is our highest priority. Our marketing department maintains lists of companies and individuals who are likely to bid on your items. lf you have a unique item to sell, we will customize lists, and provide direct marketing support for those items as well. We design and implement creative, targeted, marketing campaigns, locally, nationally, and internationally. We continually promote your items in both Local and Global markets through the use of blogs, social media, and direct marketing campaigns.

Shipping Support: We have extensive shipping networks we offer to assist buyers.

Auction Management: Our staff is committed to your success.  We will catalog and upload your auctions. Once your first auction is uploaded our marketing department steps in and begins the process of marketing your sales.  As auctions close, we will be right there to handle all the auction accounting, and to help winning bidders take custody of their purchases.

Previews: Online previews and prearranged onsite previews.

Reverse Auctions: Allow us to develop a reverse auction tool for you, to add competitive bidding to your ITB process. This allows vendors to competitively bid the price for goods and services downward, assuring the best price for you. This tool can be developed and implemented with no cost to you.

Timed Online Auctions: Whether you are marketing a single item or many items, a timed online auction may be the best solution for you. We simply upload photos, a description of the item(s), and the terms & conditions of the sale, and set an end time for bidding, and allow the ProxiBid® platform to do the rest. Never worry about bidders attempting to win your items by waiting until the last minute to bid, without allowing others to place a competing bid.  With the ProxiBid® platform, any time a bid is placed at the two minutes, the auction is automatically extended for two minutes to allow other competing bidders to increase their bid.

Virtual Auctions: When you are marketing multiple items in a single auction, a virtual auction may be the choice for you. A virtual auction is similar to the timed online auction; however, items close in succession like a live auction, rather than all at once. This allows bidders who are interested in several of your items to bid online, on each item in succession, as though they are bidding at a live event.

Dedicated Client Services: You will have a Bidilla, Inc. Global Auction Services representative who is only a phone call or email away, dedicated to the success of your auctions. ProxiBid® is staffed 7 days a week 7 AM - 10 PM for Seller and Buyer support.

Auction Payment Network (APN): Through the use of APN, you never have to worry about receiving and securing financial information from winning bidders. Neither you, nor Global Auction Services receive or store financial information, maintaining PCI Compliance.

MarketGuard™ Ensure only qualified buyers participate in your sale. Proxibid® provides automated, bank-level risk mitigation tools to instantly identify fraudulent buyers. They also staff real live people to oversee the process as an enhanced line of defense. Proxibid® is the only live platform with this level of security.

Risk Management and Dispute Resolution: Ensure buyers live up to their commitments. Although rarely, but occasionally it happens, that a buyer does not live up to their commitment to purchase, ProxiBid®'s risk team is constantly monitoring activity within the marketplace to help prevent fraud and to protect buyers and sellers. Dispute resolution is available to help ensure transactions are completed and that buyers live up to their commitments once they have won online. This service is unique within our industry and highly coveted amongst our clients.

Earn More:  If you manage your own online auctions through our platform, not only will you receive the full high bid amount (hammer price) but you will receive a portion of the Buyer’s Premium as well.  In addition, we offer a share in the Buyer’s Premium based on your annual sales volume.

Flexibility:  Have us manage your whole auction this time, and next time do it yourself.  The following time, have us do part of the work.  We offer flexibility.  This allows you to utilize our services to best meet your needs at a given time.  You are not locked-in to a particular level of service.

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